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Web Design

Fleetline Networks provides solid, functional, and sophisticated design solutions for websites as diverse as a law firm to a van conversion manufacturer. Your project deserves a thoughtful and well-designed result and together, you and Fleetline can partner for a successful result.

Site Management

Our site development always includes a very robust administration area or cPanel for your updates and edits. But not everyone can or even wants to manage their site content, theme and plugin updates. In this situation, Fleetline’s technical support team can help you maintain your site and keep it updated and secure. We can add new content if you choose to have Fleetline be your webmaster.

Site Marketing

If your objective is to develop a web site that generates the most viewers, you must know that search engine optimization, social media marketing and online promotion are critical to meeting your goals. Fleetline can provide the talent and expertise through our network relationships to put your site in the lead.

What sets Fleetline apart from the big dogs.

What makes Fleetline unique as a hosting company?
First and foremost, we are much more than a hosting company. Fleetline started business as one, but over time we have evolved into far more. We are an affiliation of resources and talent – a network – that can design, develop, market and promote your web site from initial stage, to launch, to maintenance. Hosting companies tend to stick with hosting, domain name sales and canned package design through templates. Their one-size-fits-all may not be valuable to you if you are looking for a long-term commitment, and require tailored support and management.
Do you provide SEO for your customers?
Yes – provided our initial analysis makes sense for both of us. Because we work with a number of other professionals, we can find the right solution for your particular demands. Moreover, in many instances, SEO work will require additional SMM (Social Media Marketing) to really be effective. If you need help in establishing a business Facebook presence, Fleetline has experience in doing that. Promotion, positioning, key search-words and more are necessary to meet the demands for creating a strong presence on the web. Bear in mind that SEO efforts change constantly. Factors for increased traffic to your site require specific, long-term strategies. Call us for an appraisal of your situation.
What can I expect from working with Fleetline?
We offer a personalized assessment of your needs without being pushy or condescending. Our services are spelled out in a simple, easy-to-understand proposal. Our package pricing and service fees are very reasonable. If you have strong personal preferences for a certain look and feel, we are sensitive to that while making any idea stand-out from the crowd. We typically price a new site often at 40% to 60% under many web design companies who offer bespoke design solutions. If you need ghost writing for your company blog – we are very capable for your corporate PR and advertising requirements.
Does Fleetline offer more than web design and hosting?
Absolutely. Our principal partner and creative director has more than 30 years of graphic design, and art direction in marketing & advertising in retail and manufacturing. He spent more than four years as a print broker and few designers can make that claim. We offer design, development and printing services for brochures, catalogs, package design, and much more to benefit almost any product or service business. Our services are founded on the most practical, sensible yet sophisticated design and production principals you can find outside an expensive service agency.
Do you need to be local to my base of operations?
It’s really not necessary anymore. With the advance of numerous virtual communication solutions, face-to-face meetings can be all but eliminated as a factor in determining how effective our relationship can be. To give you an example, we regularly provide services for companies in Southern California, Virginia, Colorado and Miami, Florida. Of course, we would prefer to meet with you in person if the project permitted. After all, we are not anti-social. We can even meet initially with you using Zoom, or Skype (for example) if you would feel more comfortable than with just a phone call and email.

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